SONOWALL 70 - Compact Ultrasonic A-/B-Scan Wall Thickness Gage


Compact Ultrasonic A-/B-Scan Wall Thickness Gage

The new portable SONOWALL 70 wall thickness gage works perfectly in a wide range of ultrasonic thickness applications. Its robust aluminum housing with IP67 standard, its light-weight and high-resolution anti-glare 5“ graphic display makes SONOWALL 70 amazingly comfortable to operate – even within harsh test environments. It is the first thickness gage in the market with intelligent wireless probe identification.

During the development of the new wall thickness gage for nondestructive testing SONOTEC focused on simplifying and improving the testing procedure, excluding potential sources of error as well as providing a clearer presentation of the measurement results. This is implemented by an intuitive display menu in combination with full text menu points. The tester is able to recognize relevant measurement data and device settings such as wall thickness, A-/B-Scan and individual test parameters at first glance thanks to a wide display (800x480). An innovative “flip screen” function ensures comfortable an ambidextrous working.

Intelligent probe identification

SONOWALL 70 is the first of its kind in the market that works with intelligent probe identification. An extended probe management enables the tester to save probe specific data. For example DAC-curves, delay lines and serial numbers can be saved directly in the probe.

This device for wall thickness and multilayer measurement includes a data logger and can be upgraded to a full function flaw detector. The quick data transfer is performed via micro-SD-card or mini-USB.

Wall Thickness Gage

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