Willingmann visits SONOTEC US Inc. during delegation trip

Minister Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann and almost 30 representatives from Saxony-Anhalt’s economy and science visited the American branch of SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH in Islip, New York.

The delegation visit under the direction of the Minister of Economy, Science and Digitalisation from the 2nd to the 10th of June 2018 will serve to deepen partnerships between scientific institutions and to develop and expand trade relations. In addition to visiting Harvard University, Penn University and holding a business forum at MIT (Massachussetts Institute of Technology) the main focus was on the exchange of experience on the topics of „Spin-offs“, „Scale ups“ and start-up cluture.

What were the reasons for founding a subsidiary in the USA? How long does the preparation process take and what are the obstacles? Where can I get support? How, for example, could the American Chamber provide concrete support in setting up a company and applying for visas? These and other questions were answered by Hans-Joachim Münch, Managing Director of SONOTEC GmbH and Christopher Portelli, Managing Director of SONOTEC US Inc. during the delegation's visit to the American subsidiary on Long Island.

As a research-based company and technology market leader in the field of ultrasonic measurement and testing technology, SONOTEC focusses above all on close contact with the core markets of non-destructive testing, medical technology and biotechnology. „North America is an important market with great development potential for us. However, especially with high-tech products such as ultrasonic measurement technology, close contact and exchange with customers is very important and an essential key to our success,“ says Hans-Joachim Münch, „and in Christopher Portelli, SONOTEC has also found the right partner with many years of market experience and high professional qualifications, another important success factor for us.“

After a real American pizza, the final highlight of the delegation visit was another typical symbol of America, the fire truck of Christoper Portelli, Assistant Chief of the Central Islip Fire Department. Dr. Willingmann was accompanied by Elrid Pasbrig, Personal Assistant of the Minister of Commerce, Birgit Stodtko, Director International of Chamber of Commerce Halle-Dessau, Dr. Ulf-Marten Schmieder, Managing Director Technology and Start-Up Center Halle, Matthias Stoffregen, Spokesman and representatives from science, business and the press.