SONOTEC presents Case Study at IMVAC

The International Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitoring Conference (IMVAC) is designed specifically for vibration analysts and condition monitoring professionals. At June 7, Prof. Dr. Peter Holstein, Director Strategic Development, will be presenting a case study on the following topic:
Improvement of fault diagnosis for bearing by means of broadband ultrasound

Current standard ultrasound instruments enable users the access to relatively simple parameters such as level measurements by means of narrow-band sensors and analogue electronics. This limits the informative value of ultrasound technology since the most physical processes generate ultrasound in a broad frequency range. The limitation of narrow frequencies prevents fails in some cases because of changed frequency distributions. Frequency variations are caused by changed operation, wear of surfaces and consequently of the friction, fluid turbulences and other. The extension of the accessible frequency – enabled by means of a new sensor technology – provides (in combination with advanced signal processing) improved detection of faults and unusual operation conditions.The improved ultrasound technology will exemplified for roller bearings with increasing amount of damage.

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