Generation change at SONOTEC: Family business sets course for the future

The Germany-based, family-owned ultrasound specialist SONOTEC takes the 65th birthday of one of the two company founders, Dr. Santer zur Horst-Meyer, as an opportunity to not just celebrate the anniversary with the entire workforce, but also to announce forward-looking decisions: With effect from 1 April 2019, the two children of co-founder Hans-Joachim Münch, Manuela and Michael Münch, will strengthen the management team. In addition, the company name is shortened into “SONOTEC GmbH”, which sets a strengthening focus onto the well-established company brand “SONOTEC”.

The young entrepreneurs have known their father's company since their early childhood. They have literally grown up with SONOTEC and have been successfully working in the company for several years as Head of Human Resources and Business Unit Director “Preventive Maintenance”. With the trust of the top management, Manuela and Michael Münch see themselves ready to place the future of the company into their hands. Until Dr. Santer zur Horst-Meyer finally retires from the management board in the course of the year, the company will be led by a four-member management team. Dr. zur Horst-Meyer will remain available to the company as valued advisor.

Manuela Münch sees the new task not only as a challenge but also as an opportunity to further consolidate the technology company with its more than 170 employees: "We are proud to be able to continue SONOTEC GmbH as a family business just as strong as in the past". Michael Münch reinforces the words of his sister by emphasizing trust and loyalty in the dealings with one another as essential characteristics of a successful medium-sized company.