SONOFLOW CO.55 / SONOFLOW IL.52 – Upgrade to NIST or ISO 17025

SONOTEC USA and A&P Calibrations have partnered to provide customers in the US additional options for calibration certifications. When ordering or recalibrating SONOFLOW CO.55 and SONOFLOW IL.52 flow sensors, customers will now have the option to upgrade to NIST or ISO 17025 certifications directly through SONOTEC USA.

The partnership involves upgrading and certifying the equipment at SONOTEC USA to meet NIST certification standards, and implementing standard operating procedures, already in place at A&P Calibrations, to perform the NIST calibrations at SONOTEC.

A&P Calibrations has been able to offer these services directly to customers in the past, but through the partnership with SONOTEC, customers can order sensors with upgraded certifications directly from the manufacturer. This means new sensor orders can be shipped with NIST calibration certificates included. It also gives customers the option of a west coast and an east coast location to send sensors for recalibration, reducing shipping times and therefore overall recalibration time.

A&P Calibrations has had extensive training on SONOTEC’s ultrasonic flow sensors, making their first visit to the manufacturing facility in Halle (Saale), Germany in January of 2017. At that time, A&P technicians were trained by SONOTEC calibration and software engineers. Additional training at A&P’s main location in Pleasanton , CA was provided by engineers from SONOTEC USA in 2017 to certify A&P for calibration of SONOTEC sensors. Most recently, in the fall of 2018, A&P technicians and management visited the SONOTEC calibration facility in Islandia, NY for training updates, to share SOPs and documentation procedures, and certify SONOTEC calibration equipment to the required standard for NIST calibrations.