SONOTEC drives cross-channel content strategy

With the know-how from its more than 25 years of international market presence and a huge number of successfully implemented customer projects, SONOTEC intensifies its content strategy and provides its customers and the interested public with in-depth technological and applicative insights of their product portfolio.

"We are continuously expanding our existing website and social media channels into an information hub for all aspects of ultrasonic sensor technologies. With our technical expertise, we are now one step closer to our customers and can provide practical support for our products and their applications, explains Daniel Thieme, Product Marketing Manager “Non-invasive Fluid Monitoring”.

Welcome to the Application Level - The Use of Flow Sensors and Air Bubble Detectors in Biotechnology|Life Sciences and Medical Technology

With the newly published application notes and detailed technical white papers in the scope of biotechnology|life sciences and medical technology, SONOTEC provides a clear presentation and user-friendly information guide to successfully integrate flow- and bubble sensors to bioprocessing and medical applications. The new website area includes, among others, a detailed description about how the novel FlowBubble sensor SONOFLOW CO.56 Pro has been successfully implemented into heart-lung-machines, a comparison of SONOFLOW CO.55 flow sensors to further measuring set-ups and a document about the great performance of SONOCHECK ABD06 sensors when it comes to micro bubble detection.  

Hearing and seeing ultrasound at the same time - not only field-proven in preventive maintenance, but also possible on SONOTECUSA.COM

A great deal of new contents have also been created in the scope of preventive maintenance. Under the category "Resources", users can download press releases, application notes, case studies and FAQs. The sound library, however, is particularly vivid for website visitors: Short clips provide an opportunity to discover ultrasound-based leak detection, electrical inspection, condition monitoring and steam trap testing, both visually and acoustically.

In addition to the website, SONOTEC operates its own LinkedIn company channel as well as three news feeds about Non-invasive Fluid Monitoring, Preventive Maintenance and Non-destructive Testing. These channels regularly report on product innovations, new user reports and technical backgrounds.

SONOTEC drives cross-channel content strategy