Detection of Micro Air Bubbles in a DNA Analysis Machine

TaskDetection of micro air bubbles < 1 µl
MethodUltrasonic measurement
Tubing OD1/16"  /  1.59 mm
Tubing ID1/32"  /  0.79 mm
Tubing TypePEEK and PTFE
SolutionSONOCHECK ABD06.85


A well-known biomedical device manufacturer located in the United States is in the development of a new DNA analysis machine. This instrument is used to determine the order of the four bases – adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine – given from a DNA sample. The machine would be a cost effective solution for rapid analysis in hospitals and other laboratories or treatment facilities.

The customer utilizes two proprietary liquids to assist in DNA analysis. The liquids are introduced in an automated process. During this process, a chance of air bubbles smaller than 1 µl can develop. A 1 µl bubble can completely destroy a sample set or give false results.


After several tests, SONOTEC was able to determine that the SONOCHECK ABD06.85 Air Bubble Sensor was the best non-invasive solution. Sensitivity was optimal and SONOTEC's engineering department showed bubbles of < 1 µl in PEEK and PTFE tubing. The customer selected SONOTEC's product due to the advanced software and the reliability of using ultrasound for non-invasive air-in-line detection.


These pictures show the effect of different customer settings. The thresholds (blue line) can be adapted according to the requested sensor sensitivity.

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