Ultrasonic Drip Chamber Sensor SONOCHECK ALD

Level Detection at Drip Chambers

In order to guarantee the correct dosage of liquid quantities during the administration of infusions at any time, it is necessary to monitor permanently the fluid level in drip chambers. Based on our years of experience with the special requirements of our medical device customers, we have developed the drip chamber sensor SONOCHECK ALD. The detector monitors the liquid level in drip chambers and is, for example, used in dialysis machines or parenteral nutrition. As a clamp-on component, the drip chamber is simply inserted into the sensor which can be installed freely suspended or integrated permanently in a device.

The non-invasive ultrasonic sensor is characterized by the following features:

  • Meets the strict safety standards for medical electronical devices according to IEC 60601-1
  • Dimensions and design adaptable to every custom-specific drip chamber

Detailed Product Information

clamp-on sensor for level detection at drip chambers

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