[Translate to USA:] Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

UT of components in nuclear power plants

Inspection of components in nuclear power plants

To ensure the highest reliability and safety standards for nuclear power plants Phased Array ultrasonic testing is used since more than 20 years.

A special challenge for ultrasonic testing in nuclear power plants are the pressure vessels and pipes made of austenitic steels (stainless steel/duplex steel). Transmitter-receiver phased-array transducers are required for testing these components. In addition to the very high sensitivity, the homogeneity of the elements and a high reproducibility are of enormous importance here.

Due to the very high requirements for detection and sizing of the potential defects the technology used is on the highest technological level. The complexity of the test objects such as steel reactor pressure vessels, require to develop Phased Array probes of highest quality and reproducibility with minimal crosstalk.

Probe specifications

  • Phased-array probes with center frequencies from 2 to 10 MHz
  • Up to 128 elements possible
  • Various housing options ( connection | delay line | beam angle | ...)
  • High sensitivity
  • High uniformity of acoustical characteristics in series
  • Minimal crosstalk 

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