Pipeline Monitoring

Pipelines are the most modern, effective and reliable global transport systems for crude oil, liquefied gas and water. In order to guarantee the smooth transport of products the pipeline systems must be regularly cleaned and maintained. Ultrasonic sensors are used for many applications, including the monitoring of the passage of pigs during cleaning and testing operations in pipelines and the differentiation of the various products being transported through pipelines.

Our contactless ultrasonic detectors in the SONOPIPE series are attached to the outside of the pipeline and are therefore not subject to any wear. Furthermore, all risks associated with the opening up of apertures in the pipeline and consequent damages are a thing of the past. Installation and operation of the sensors is simple and possible without any interruptions to operations.

In addition to our various products and specially designed variants of our standard models for use in areas with risk of explosion, we can also develop and manufacture customer-specific solutions to meet your precise requirements.

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contactless pig detector

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