Probes for Non-Contact Ultrasonic Testing

Due to the strong damping properties of air, low frequencies in the kHz range are used in air-coupled ultrasonic testing. It is therefore all the more important that the ultrasonic transducers offer a particularly high sensitivity in order to ensure high penetration and improved resolution. We achieve this, among other things, by installing preamplifiers in the receiver probe as well as by using our own Piezocomposite Technology, which enables a flexible use of the matching materials in our CFC and CF probes.

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Advantages at Glance

  • Extremely high sensitivity
  • Inherent noise of < 1 nV/√Hz
  • Very good signal-to-noise ratio due to amplifier dynamic range up to 120 dB
  • Different apertures available


Non-contact ultrasonic inspection system

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Key Features of SONOAIR

  • Non-contact ultrasonic inspection
  • Inspection of modern fibre composites (GFRP and CFRP)
  • 1 or 4 channels


Non-contact ultrasonic testing of modern fibre composites such as GFRP and CFRP
No time and cost consuming water supply, drainage, or drying processes needed
Inspection of highly attenuating materials such as honey comb structures, ceramics, plastics, wood, concrete etc.

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