Ultrasonic Clamp-On Bubble Detector

SONOCHECK® ABD06 for Deployment in Harsh Industrial Environments & Bioprocessing Applications

Air bubble detection in industrial and bioprocessing applications is highly relevant when talking about process stability and product quality. The SONOCHECK ABD06 air bubble detectors are widely used in filling, pipetting, dosing and mixing systems, painting facilities, in dispensing fats and oils, and in gluing processes.

For non-invasive air bubble detection for medical applications with very high safety requirements the SONOCHECK ABD Ultrasonic Bubble Sensor is the perfect solution.

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Product Benefits

  • Non-contact measurement
  • No coupling medium required
  • Built-in electronics, no external electronic board required
  • CE certified
  • ATEX certified (optional)
  • Protection class IP67
  • No wear and tear
  • Optional software for easy parameterization and testing

Bioprocessing Applications for Non-Contact Bubble Detector SONOCHECK® ABD06

Bioreactors / FermentatorsDetection of excessive foaming in feed / harvest lines
ChromatographyPrevention of air being pumped into columns & diversion of air infused liquids around the columns
Tangential Flow FiltrationPrevention of air entry into filter cassettes
Feed StreamContinuous monitoring for air bubbles in the feed to prevent from air entry into the filter
Pump ProtectionDetection of air bubbles caused by cavitation and protection from dry running
Transfer LinesNotification when transfer reservoirs run dry
Fill & FinishDetection of undesired air entering vessels to be filled

Video demonstration: Implementing SONOFLOW CO.55 non-contact clamp-on flow meters and SONOCHECK ABD06 ultrasonic air bubble detectors at various steps in bioprocessing.

Applications of SONOFLOW Flow Meters and SONOCHECK Bubble Detectors in Bioprocesses

SONOCHECK® ABD06 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Bubble Detector: Application Fields

  • Pipette and filling systems
  • Mixing, dispensing and metering systems
  • Painting systems
  • Surface refinement systems
  • Fat dosing
  • Micro bubble detection

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