FAQ-G.4: How many data records can be stored on the SONAPHONE handheld device?

On the SONAPHONE, data sets are recorded via various apps. Data storage and management is done in a central database on the handheld device (SQL Light for Linux). Contents of a data set are on the one hand discrete values, on the other hand links to folders with further values (time signals, context data). The data can be exported and deleted from the database by the user via specific data exchange formats.

On the SONAPHONE there are currently data sets with the following contents:

  • ID (unique)
  • Location information
  • Time signals (e.g. raw data, audio data)
  • Key metrics (e.g. max. level, leakage class)
  • Context data (e.g. images, text notes, voice memos)

Average data volumes for a standard data set are shown below for examples. All specifications apply to the highest sample time of 4 ms and excluding context data:

  • Recording of 5 s without / with raw data: 0.8 MB / 3.8 MB
  • Recording of 10 s without / with raw data: 1.5 MB / 7.5 MB
  • Recording of 60 s without / with raw data: 9.2 MB / 45 MB

With the available internal memory size of 16 GB, sufficient storage space is available for standard applications if regular data management is done (central data backup, deletion of data records).

For more information on storage space, please refer to the FAQ-G3-SONAPHONE Data Storage

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