Blood Leak Detector BLD

Blood Leak Detectors

In hemodialysis, medical standards require worldwide to monitor the devices for patients’ safety. Based on our experience with the special requirements of our customers in medical technology, we have developed the optical sensor BLD which monitors the dialysate and triggers an alarm as soon as smallest amounts of blood run into the dialysis fluid.

Detailed Product Information

Clamp-On Sensor BLD for detecting smallest amounts of blood

BLD | Blood Leak Detector
...opticalclamp-on sensor for the contactless detection of smallest amounts of blood

Features of the Contactless Sensor

  • Compliant with the strict safety stanard IEC 60601-1 3rd edition
  • Wavelength and evaluation ensure the detection of smallest amounts of blood in the dialysate
  • Optimal protection against ambient light

Optical Sensor for Blood Leak Detection

The blood leak detector is used where the transmittance of liquids has to be monitored. For this purpose, the wavelength and the response thresholds of the detector can be adapted easily. The default configuration has been optimized for the detection of blood in clear liquids and has been developed for the high sensitivity demands in dialysis.

Areas of Application

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