Flow Sensor SONOFLOW CO.55 used with Flotek Controller

Flow Sensor Integration to Flotek Controller

Flow Sensor & Flotek Controller - a Perfect Pair

SONOTEC USA and Flotek started a cooperation to offer US customers a PID controller for Life Science applications to control several sensors and pumps. This opportunity includes the integration of the non-invasive flow sensor SONOFLOW CO.55 to the compact and portable closed loop controller by Flotek.

Cost-effective and user-friendly control of pumps using SONOTEC's non-invasive flow sensor SONOFLOW CO.55 for high accuracy pump feedback control loops, filling, dosing and perfusion.
Flow Sensors with Flotek Controller

Key Features - Flow Sensor SONOFLOW CO.55

  • Highly accurate non-invasive flow measurement
  • Non-product contact
  • Integrated electronics
  • Sustainable & reusable
  • Small equipment footprint

Key Features - Flotek Closed Loop Controller

  • Connects to industry standard pumps
  • Controls flow rates using the non-invasive flow sensor SONOFLOW CO.55
  • Ideal for seamless integration of SONOTEC's high accuracy flow sensors
  • Connect up to 12 flow sensors, pumps and other devices
  • Communication via WIFI, USB, HDMI, analog (4-20 mA), digital (MODbus) and ethernet (RJ45)

The Flotek Controller was developed to fill the industry's need for a low cost compact bioprocess controller. The portable device enables streamlined fluid management through clear and easy menus to integrate SONOTEC's flow sensors of the SONOFLOW CO.55 series with pumps and other equipment.

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