Ultrasonic Bubble Detector for Medical, Bioprocessing, and Industrial Applications

The smart SONOCHECK air bubble detectors are applied in various fields within the medical industry, the biotech, life sciences and pharmaceutical sector, food and beverage, semiconductor industry or process control and automation. Which particular sensor to choose, depends on the actual application. The sensors can detect bubbles, microbubbles, and air in line; but can also be applied as full / empty and level sensors.

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Air Bubble Detection With SONOCHECK® Sensors: Safety Concepts

SONOCHECK air bubble detectors incorporate intelligent ultrasonic transmission technology and innovative safety concepts in order to provide maximum sensor reliability.

The different safety features comprise:

  • Redundant sensors with two receivers and electronics
  • Single channel design where the sensor performs cyclical self-tests
  • Advanced fail-safe architecture where self-test routines are continuously performed without having any blind-times

SONOCHECK® Air Bubble Detectors: Benefits at a Glance

  • Self-adjusting bubble sensor
  • Modular system for customization
  • Advanced software solution
  • Microbubble detection
  • Highest safety standards
  • Integrated electronics
  • Non-invasive clamp-on solution
  • Plug & play architecture
  • User-adaptable sensor sensitivity

Non-Invasive Air Bubble Detection with Ultrasonic Bubble Detectors

The clamp-on sensors detect air bubbles in liquid-filled tubes quickly and reliably. They allow for both liquid monitoring and wet-dry reporting. Non-invasive air bubble detection and the compact design of the ultrasonic sensors are the basic prerequisite for hygienic and contamination-free applications. The sensor is simply clamped-on the liquid-filled tube, its cable is connected to the device control. A fast, smooth changeover is guaranteed, and a coupling medium is not required.

The SONOCHECK sensors for applications in medical technology, biotechnology and industry also respond automatically to changing ambient conditions, thus ensuring extrmeely stable measurements. The non-contact ultrasonic sensors with integrated electronics can be programmed customer-specific via a microcontroller with expandable functionalities. These include, for example, fail-safe and serial communication.

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