Level Detection with Sensors from SONOTEC

Level Detection

The non-invasive level monitoring of liquids plays an important role in numerous medical applications as well as in industrial processes. Ultrasonic level sensors are used for monitoring the liquid level at medical drip chambers, for full/empty level measurement, especially in thin tubes as well as for droplet-sensitive level detection.

Detailed Product Information

SONOCHECK ALD | Drip Chamber Sensor

SONOCHECK ALD | Drip Chamber Sensor
...clamp-on sensor for level detection at drip chambers



SONOCHECK ABD06 | Air Bubble Detector

SONOCHECK ABD06 | Air Bubble Detector
...for the monitoring of liquids in industrial applications



SONOCONTROL 15 | Level Switch

SONOCONTROL 15 | Level Switch
...for level detection and industrial full/empty level measurement

SONOMETER LVL1 | Level Sensor

SONOMETER LVL1 | Levelsensor
...droplet-sensitive level detection

Product Portfolio for non-invasive Level Detection

The drip chamber sensor SONOCHECK ALD monitors the liquid level in drip chambers and is, for example, used in dialysis machines or parenteral nutrition. As a clamp-on component, the drip chamber is simply inserted into the sensor which can be installed freely suspended or integrated permanently in a device.

The ultrasonic level switch SONOCONTROL 15 detects as full/empty detector the liquid level of pipes precisely and reliably.

The air bubble detector SONOCHECK ABD06 can also be used for full/empty detection.

The SONOMETER LVL1 sensor detects droplet-sensitive fluid levels in the picosecond range. The level sensor is mainly designed for use in medical technology products, such as the application in home dialysis.

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