SONOCONTROL | Level Switch

For Level and Industrial Full/Empty Detection

SONOCONTROL 14 Ultrasonic Position SwitchSONOCONTROL 15 Ultrasonic Level SwitchSONOCONTROL 15 Application Example
SONOCONTROL 14 Ultrasonic Position SwitchSONOCONTROL 15 Ultrasonic Level SwitchSONOCONTROL 15 Application Example


  • Contactless measurement
  • Easy sensor mounting to the container wall (SONOCONTROL 14) or to the pipe (SONOCONTROL 15)
  • Retrofit to existing plants without process interruption
  • No wear and tear
  • Quick start-up
  • Optional ATEX certified (SONOCONTROL 15)

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SONOCONTROL | Compact Sensors for Contactless Level Measurement

The SONOTEC portfolio of devices for contactless level measurement includes the compact sensor SONOCONTROL 14 for level detection at pressure and piston accumulators as well as the level switch SONOCONTROL 15 for full/empty detection at small diameter pipes.

SONOCONTROL 14 | For Level Detection at Pressure & Piston Accumulators

The intelligent compact sensor SONOCONTROL 14 is designed for position detection of pistons at piston and pressure accumulators and for level monitoring of liquids.


The sensor for contactless measurement through the wall of a pipe or tank is characterized by installation freedom which leads to easy retrofit to existing plants. The SONOCONTROL 14 can be mounted from the outside to the container without process interruption. Due to the fact that no other mechanical installation is necessary, there is no need to open up apertures in the cylinder wall, thereby avoiding subsequent problems with leakage.

The ultrasonic sensor can be finely-tuned on-site to meet the customer's specific measurement requirements and is ready for operation immediately after installation. This makes the SONOCONTROL 14 particularly suitable for serial applications in the fields of automation and mechanical engineering.


Due to the fact that the sensor has no moving parts, it is maintenance-free. Regardless of wall thickness or pressure within the container, the measurement device delivers reliable switching signals for the control and, with integrated LEDs, also an additional optical control for systems operator on-site.



SONOCONTROL 15 | For Full/Empty Detection, Especially at Small Diameter Pipes

The ultrasonic level switch SONOCONTROL 15 is designed to detect with speed and precision whether or not a pipe is filled with liquid or liquefied gas. As soon as the detection point at the pipe is filled, it comes to the safe switching of the sensor.


The compact sensor for contactless measurement through the wall is particularly suited to applications within the pharmacy and fine chemicals industries. Thus, the sensor can be used to protect pumps or to monitor filling machines.


The simplified installation method of the two-wire system, which means that the SONOCONTROL 15 can be installed without interruption to the operation of the system, ensures an optimal use of the sensor. Due to a new pipe fastening system made of plastic, the sensor can be relocated quickly and easily.


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On request, a construction type of the compact sensor is available for use in areas with risk of explosion.


Applications SC 14

  • Chemical industry
  • Power plant construction

Applications SC 15

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Fine chemicals

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