Non-Contact Flow Meters & Bubble Detectors for Bioprocessing Applications

Designed for upstream and downstream monitoring of bioprocesses, the non-contact ultrasonic sensors from SONOTEC® measure the liquid flow quickly and accurately. With their integrated electronics board, the SONOFLOW® and SONOCHECK® sensors offer the smallest equipment footprint solution on the market.

Application Notes | Bioprocessing

Flow Sensor Comparison

Flow Sensor Performance Comparison:
Application on flexible tubes and tested in realistic environment | SONOFLOW® CO.55 Clamp-on Flow Meter

Continuous Processing

Non-invasive SONOFLOW® CO.55 Flow Sensors
in Continuous Processing & Single-Use Applications to fulfil PAT-Requirements in Biopharma Production

Micro Bubble Detection

SONOCHECK® ABD06 Air Bubble Sensors:
The perfect tool to detect air bubbles non-invasively


SONOFLOW® Flow Sensors
Upgrade to NIST or ISO 17025

SONOFLOW with Flotek Controller

SONOFLOW® Flow Sensors:
Integration to Flotek Controller

Technology Insights: TechNotes & White Paper

Clamp-on Flow Meters: Technological details & mathematical-physical derivations

Clamp-on Flow Meters for Process Monitoring:
Technological details & mathematical-physical derivations

Ultrasound transit time principle

Utilizing the Ultrasonic Transit Time Method:
Engineering and physical principles of non-contact SONOFLOW® CO.55 Flow Sensors

Effects of Tubing Changes
on calibration of SONOFLOW® ultrasonic flow sensors




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