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Designed for upstream and downstream monitoring of bioprocesses, the non-contact ultrasonic sensors from SONOTEC measure liquid flow quickly and accurately. With their integrated electronics board, the SONOFLOW and SONOCHECK sensors offer the smallest equipment footprint solution on the market. Additionally, we offer different options for sensor calibration.

Applications of SONOFLOW® & SONOCHECK® Sensors in Bioprocesses

Applications of non-contact flow meters SONOFLOW CO.55 and bubble detectors SONOCHECK ABD06 in upstream and downstream processes of the bioprocessing industry:

  • Pump feedback, control and calibration
  • Flow rate monitoring
  • Volume totalizing
  • Dosing and filling
Applications of SONOFLOW Flow Meters and SONOCHECK Bubble Detectors in Bioprocesses

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Application Notes, Tech Notes and more

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