Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Flow-Bubble Sensor

Hybrid Sensor SONOFLOW® CO.56 | SONOFLOW® CO.56 Pro for Medical Applications

The SONOFLOW CO.56 | SONOFLOW CO.56 Pro combines two measuring methods in one compact device: The sensor measures the flow rate of liquids in flexible tubes and simultaneously detects air bubbles.

The hybrid sensor is specifically designed for use in medical devices and meets the very high safety requirements of the industry.

The device features an easy integration and is simply clamped on the tube without any media contact. The integrated electronics board makes the sensor to be easily connected into (existing) data infrastructures.

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Innovator of the Year 2020

Product Benefits

  • Combined flow measurement and air bubble detection
  • Highly accurate non-invasive fluid monitoring
  • Contactless air bubble detection in liquid tubing systems
  • Specified for medical applications
  • Long life time for smooth operation at any time
  • Integrated electronics with no need for an external electronics board

SONOFLOW® CO.56 Pro Non-Invasive Flow-Bubble Sensor: Application Fields

  • Cardiac support systems
  • Organ transport systems

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