SONAPHONE DataSuite Software: DataSuite V replaces DataViewer

SONOTEC launches SONAPHONE DataSuite V for the SONAPHONE digital ultrasonic testing device.

The former DataViewer is now available in the modular…

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SONOTEC: Ultrasound Specialist Celebrates Its 30-Year Anniversary – New Site Planned

In 1991, shortly after the German reunification, physicists Dr Santer zur Horst-Meyer and Hans-Joachim Münch set up their own business. The beginnings…

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NEW: How an app is revolutionizing steam trap testing?

Is the steam trap working properly or is it defective? SONOTEC provides answers with the new SteamExpert app.

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SONAPHONE DataSuite & AssetExpert: The central data hub for SONAPHONE ultrasonic testing devices

Asset health becomes progressively important and thus a strategic corporate goal. The principles of Industry 4.0 to optimize processes, to increase…

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New online platform for SONAPHONE users

SONOTEC is expanding its online activities with a digital platform for SONAPHONE users. With the "My Sonaphone" platform users of the digital…

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IRISS becomes Master Distributor for SONAPHONE technology

IRISS Inc and SONOTEC US Inc, two world leaders in their respective industries join in a partnership. IRISS, world leader in the manufacturing and…

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