Mitteldeutsche Braunkohlengesellschaft

Maik Simon of MIBRAG GmbH on our SONOSPOT

“The SONOSPOT makes a significant contribution to energy efficiency, saves costly working hours and is also kinder to the environment. The sensor can be used flexibly for numerous industrial applications and can detect compressed air leakages faster and more precisely than ever.”

Customer Review SONAPHONE Mercedes Benz Logo

Technology Expert Lars Benzinger at the Mercedes Benz truck plant

“We have been using this ultrasonic detector for several years. We initially purchased this device because the guys in the planning department had set themselves the target of detecting defects in the compressed air systems more efficiently and more quickly. The SONAPHONE has improved our detection rate of air leaks to 100 percent.”

Customer Review SONAPHONE BASF Logo

Gerd Lojet at the BASF centre for non-destructive testing on our SONAPHONE

“Easy to handle and simple to operate. This measurement device can be used in all areas, even in areas where there is danger of explosions.”

Fortum Logo

Pascal Schulte, responsible for mechanical maintenance at Fortum Service Deutschland GmbH, on our SONAPHONE E

“There are many devices that check only steam traps. The SONAPHONE can be used for various applications and assists us greatly during the daily maintenance work. Another advantage is that inspections can be performed incredibly fast. Now we can reliably test a valve within a minimum of time. From us the SONAPHONE gets only top grades.”

K+S Logo

Matthias Büchel, operating engineer machine technology at K+S Kali GmbH, on our training

"I am very pleased with the training. In particular, the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises during the course is optimal. The trainers answer questions of the participants and you can benefit from their practical experience. A visit to SONOTEC’s manufacturing plant complement the course."

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