Wall Thickness Measurement of Corroded Surfaces and Surfaces with Protective Coatings

The light and compact ultrasonic wall thickness gauge SONOWALL 60 uses multi-echo technology in order to enable reliable and precise measurement through painted surfaces and surfaces with protective coatings. Simple calibration allows the use of the device with most materials. The wall thickness gauge is simple to operate and has been specifically designed for the measurement of wall thicknesses of metal components. The SONOWALL 60 can be used for the reliable measurement of pipes, tanks, pressurised containers, machinery components and steel parts. A zero-point adjustment is not necessary. The robust, waterproof device can also be used for the quick, precise and reliable measurement of rough and uneven surfaces.

Product Features

  • Precise and reliable measurement, even on rough and uneven surfaces
  • High reproducibility
  • Simple, uncomplicated measurement, surface coatings do not have to be removed
  • No zero-point adjustment necessary
  • Automatic probe recognition
  • Robust, waterproof construction
  • Deep-coat mode for measurement with plastic coatings of up to 20 mm

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