AVIO Partners with SONOTEC for Cutting-Edge Ultrasonic Testing Solutions

Avio partners with SONOTEC for SONOAIR

Our valued customer, AVIO S.p.A., recently visited SONOTEC GmbH for the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to witness and approve the SONOAIR scanning system they commissioned. This state-of-the-art system utilizes air-coupled ultrasound to inspect materials that are challenging or impossible to inspect using conventional ultrasound methods.

AVIO is a leading company in the aerospace industry based in Italy, renowned for its innovative approach and high-quality products and services. As a partner of SONOTEC, AVIO relies on our expertise in ultrasonic testing and technology.

For this critical test, three AVIO employees traveled to SONOTEC GmbH in Halle. There, they collaborated closely with Andreas Bodi, Field Application Engineer Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing at SONOTEC. Together, they conducted various scans to ensure that the SONOAIR system meets AVIO‘s requirements and standards.



Factory Acceptance Test of AVIO for SONOTEC's SONOAIR

AVIO‘s participation in the FAT demonstrates their commitment to excellence and quality assurance in their production processes. This close collaboration between AVIO and SONOTEC contributes to AVIO‘s continued leadership in the aviation industry, providing their customers with top-notch solutions and ensuring a smooth integration and operation.