Successful Participation of SONOTEC at WCNDT 2024

SONOTEC GmbH looks back on a highly successful participation at the World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT 2024) in Incheon, South Korea. As a leading provider of innovative ultrasonic solutions for non-destructive testing (NDT), SONOTEC presented its diverse developments and products, which were very well received by the numerous international experts. In addition to exhibiting on the trade fair floor, SONOTEC’s experts impressed with two presentations and a poster presentation.

Focus on Innovation and Expertise

At WCNDT 2024, SONOTEC showcased its advanced ultrasonic solutions for various applications in NDT. Visitors to the trade fair had the opportunity to learn about SONOTEC’s latest devices and technologies, which significantly enhance the efficiency and reliability of non-destructive testing.

Two Presentations by SONOTEC Experts

As part of the conference, SONOTEC experts delivered two high-profile presentations that captivated the professional audience:

  1. New Possibilities in Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing with Phased-Array Technology
    For optimal results in air-coupled ultrasonic testing, a compromise between material attenuation and resolution is necessary. Phased-array technology improves sound fields through phase shift analysis and demonstrates clear advantages over conventional methods.
  2. Robust Ultrasonic Transducers for Pipeline Inspection
    Inspecting pipelines is crucial to detect damages such as corrosion and cracks and to prevent accidents. Ultrasonic testing allows for precise assessment and requires robust transducers that can withstand extreme conditions. The development involves careful material selection and rigorous testing, with the stability of the transducers being critical.

Poster Presentation: New Approaches in Material Testing

In addition to the presentations, SONOTEC showcased a scientific poster focusing on new approaches in material testing. The poster presentation attracted great interest and facilitated intensive exchange with other professionals and scientists.

An Inspiring Experience

Participation in WCNDT 2024 was not only an opportunity for SONOTEC to present the latest technologies but also an inspiring experience. The exchange with international experts and the positive response to its developments reinforce SONOTEC’s commitment to continue developing innovative solutions for non-destructive testing and advancing progress in this important field.

With great enthusiasm, SONOTEC looks forward to incorporating the gained insights and contacts into future projects and developments. WCNDT 2024 was a complete success and another milestone on the path to excellent solutions in NDT.