High-temperature ultrasonic testing up to 550°C

NDT High Temperature Corrosion Kit

A large number of ultrasonic wall thickness measurements are performed on hot test objects. This includes especially hot pipes in oil, gas and chemical industrial plants. The SONOWALL 70 High Temperature Corrosion Kit enables manual high temperature corrosion inspections during plant operation up to 550°C. By using the complete kit, plant availability and productivity can be improved significantly.

The kit consists of a high temperature probe, an armored cable as well as a heavy-duty impact protector set. The included SONOGRID corrosion management software enables efficient and reliable data acquisition with color-coded visualization of the test grid. In addition, data can be directly exported to MS Excel in order to generate comprehensive reports (including linked A-scans, B-scans, comments, setups, etc.). The integrated temperature compensation function ensures an uncomplicated and effective inspection process by automatically adjusting the sound velocity of hot test objects.

SONOTEC also offers the high temperature ultrasonic probe (TS5H) separately.