SONOTEC presents ultrasonic flow sensors at SEMICON Europa for the first time

Non-contact ultrasonic clamp-on flow sensor SEMIFLOW CO.65
Ultrasonic sensor SEMIFLOW CO.65 for non-contact liquid flow measurement on rigid plastic tubes and pipes

After one year of successful cooperation, SONOTEC and its strategic distribution partner S3 Alliance jointly participate at the SEMICON Europa (November 16-19, 2021) in Munich at the shared booth B11003 in hall B1. SONOTEC presents, among other relevant solutions for the semiconductor industry, its non-contact SEMIFLOW® flow sensors, which are distributed by S3 Alliance throughout Europe.

In 2020, SONOTEC and S3 Alliance agreed on a partnership to combine technological know-how and application experience to strengthen their business activities in the European semiconductor industry. As an industry leader in ultrasonic measurement technology, SONOTEC offers highly accurate non-contact flow sensors for maximum uptime and yield of semiconductor equipment while maintaining the smallest footprint. The application specialist S3 Alliance, with its industry-specific know-how and wide sales network, distributes and services SONOTEC’s flow sensors in Europe.

At booth B11003 in hall B1, SONOTEC presents its SEMIFLOW sensors, which are designed to meet the sector-specific demands of the semiconductor industry. SEMIFLOW flow sensors reliably measure abrasive, adherent, corrosive and ultra-pure liquids on industry-specific rigid plastic tubes and pipes. The clamp-on contact-free architecture eliminates any risk of contamination and leakage. Thus, SEMIFLOW sensors are applied to keep production processes safe, stable and of high quality. The industry-proven ultrasonic sensors reduce unplanned downtime and provide utmost accuracy and reliability in the toughest of conditions.

“In the strict quality management of the semiconductor industry, companies increasingly ask for options to optimize their related processes. Non-contact flow meters and bubble detectors can monitor and control liquid flow processes without risking leakage or contamination. The advantages of measuring directly through the plastic tube or pipe without contact to the liquids has substantially increased the demand for such measuring devices. Once the sensor is appropriately calibrated, measuring flow rates with high accuracy works on almost all homogenous liquids regardless of their viscosity, density, color, or electromagnetic properties,” explains Anika Baumhauer, International Strategy and Sales Manager at SONOTEC.

With their contactless architecture and robust design, the sensors promise a very long lifetime and support corporate sustainability policies; at the same time they provide a low cost of ownership. Their compact housing with integrated electronics offer a small footprint, making SEMIFLOW sensors easy to integrate into existing process chains and architectures. Baumhauer notes that the ultrasonic sensors are available in different sizes perfectly suitable for PFA, PTFE and other hard plastic tubes and pipes of a wide range of tube diameters.

Non-contact ultrasonic clamp-on flow sensor SEMIFLOW CO.66 PI Ex1In order to accurately measure flammable compounds, SONOTEC offers the SEMIFLOW CO.66 PI Ex1. These intrinsically safe, ultrasonic flow sensors for non-contact measurement on small and midsize rigid plastic tubes ensure safe operation in hazardous areas. The sensors are protected against explosion hazards by gases, vapors, and liquids in accordance with gas group IIB standards. The device protection level (EPL) is "Gb" for use in Zone 1 according to ATEX/IECEx standards.

SONOTEC is looking forward to meeting customers, partners, colleagues and friends at SEMICON Europa in Munich, Germany from November 16-19, 2021 at booth #B11003 in hall B1.


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