T20 | Compact structure-borne sound probe

For stationary condition monitoring

The T20 structure-borne sound probe is ideal for bearing testing in order to detect damage to roller and ball bearings as early as possible

  • Trend observations over long periods of time
  • Broadband and linear ultrasound probe
  • Monitoring test points that are difficult to access through fixed installation
  • Flexible coupling options: magnetic, screwed or glued


  • Wind turbines
  • Cement mills
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Rolling mills

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    Internal partial discharge

    Rolling bearing monitoring


    Ultrasonic Steam Trap Testing Icon Red

    Cavitation on pumps

    Advantages at a Glance

    Monitoring critical assets
    Monitoring production processes
    Detection of damage to slow-running rolling bearings/ gear drives
    Integration into existing monitoring systems via PLC
    Able to be used in cramped and difficult-to-access places
    more powerful than conventional acceleration sensors due to innovative transducer principle

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