App for basic maintenance tasks


    • Applications: Leak detection, condition monitoring, steam trap testing, electrical inspection
    • Determination of sound levels
    • Recording and logging of ultrasonic signals
    • Graphic representation of levels, level curves and spectrogram
    • Adding of photos, comments and voice memos
    • Data as CSV, ZIP and PDF

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    When used in conjunction with innovative sensor technology and the LevelMeter software, your SONAPHONE turns into a multi-functional ultrasonic testing device. The software for preventive maintenance is intuitive to operate and assists you through the entire testing process. 

    The LevelMeter software provides you with a comprehensive measurement and analysis solution for the following applications:

    • Leak Detection
    • Condition Monitoring
    • Steam Trap and Valve Testing 
    • Electrical Inspection

    Testing - documenting - evaluating
    1. Performing the test

    The received ultrasound signals are processed by innovative airborne and structure-borne sound sensors. The measured data is shown by the LevelMeter software in the form of a spectrogram and a level curve on the display.

    • Broadband analysis of the ultrasound signal in a frequency range from 20 to 100 kHz
    • Graphic display of spectrogram and level curve on the display
    • The following measurement levels (in dB) can be selected:
      L – Instantaneous level
      LF –  Instantaneous level with time weighting
      Lpk – Peak level
      Leq – Equivalent continuous sound level
      Lmin – Minimum Ievel of instantaneous level
      Lmax – Maximum Ievel of instantaneous level
    • Integrated infrared temperature sensor in the structure-borne sound sensor
    • Individually adjustable process for making signals audible (phase vocoder/heterodyne)
    • Use of high-quality noise-protection headphones (noise-canceling)

    2. Adding additional information

    The LevelMeter software guarantees the simple and structured documentation of your measured data. You can also optimize your documentation thanks to the option of adding photos, text comments and voice memos.

    • Simple recording and saving of measured data
    • Quick recording of photos with the integrated camera and marking of potential weak points
    • Integration of text comments and voice memos to supplement your test data

     3. Evaluating the measured data

    After your testing procedure, you can create a professional evaluation for management or your customers with just a few clicks. 

    • Export the data as a ZIP file for further processing in your maintenance software
    • Clear summary of the testing procedure in a PDF report: Visualization of the recorded spectrograms and level curves, including text comments and recorded photos

    We offer the DataViewer software as supplementary software for your computer for the analysis and management of the recorded measured data. 


    DataViewer for LevelMeter App

    Display of the LevelMeter recordings on the computer

    Technical Data

    SOFTWARE LevelMeter app




    • Taking photos to add to data sets or measurements
    • Adding markers directly after taking a photo
    • Recording voice memos to add to data sets or measurements
    • Adding text comments
    • Selecting the current application (leak, bearing etc.) as context for measurements
    • Creating PDF reports of selected data sets
    • Exporting selected data sets for further processing on the computer (e.g. in DataViewer)

    Saving and

    Format audio data: *.wav

    Storage location: Internal measurement storage

    Memory requirements

    Per second of measurement time

    Per minute of measurement time


    1 kB

    88 kB


    31 kB

    2 MB


    16 kB

    1 MB

    Data organization: Hierarchical in data sets and measurements


    • Level graph (only the "main" level – highlighted in green, freely selectable)
    • Level wheel and level bars (instantaneous level only)
    • Level table, configurable in terms of layout, number (max. 5) and type of displayed levels
    • The following sound pressure levels can be displayed, as well as the temperature (T, only active with structure-borne sound sensor BS20):

          L – Instantaneous level
          LF – Instantaneous level with time weighting
          Lpk – Peak level
          Leq – Equivalent continuous sound level
          Lmin – Minimum value of instantaneous level
          Lmax – Maximum value of instantaneous level (in dB, reference p0 = 20 µPa, temporal resolution: 16 ms per level value)

    • Spectrogram (temporal resolution: 16 ms per frequency spectrum)
    • Portrait/landscape changeover
    • Measurement time, playback position

    Operating modes

    Live – display of current measured values
    Recording – display and saving of current measured values
    Playback – playing of saved measured values


    Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian

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